Polo Cup

Safe, fast and reliable - these three attributes ranked at the very top of the Racing Polo's development specifications.
The carefully conducted continuous development has resulted in a production-based, 200 hp race touring car that can also be controlled by rookies and offers all contenders the chance to prove their driving skills. "The Racing Polo meets high demands. It has to assure first-class safety standards, deliver dynamic handling properties and prove its robustness even in turbulent races," emphasizes Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen. "For young talent, Polo Cup provides the ideal basis to learn the basics of professional touring car sport."
"For young talented Indians it is the first stepping stone into world of professional motor racing" emphasizes Volkswagen India Motorsport head Prithviraj Siddappa.
First career step for touring car youngsters
Learning at racing speed: The Volkswagen Polo R Cup India makes it easier for young drivers to enter professional racing and offers a unique talent promotion system as well as a grand stage to demonstrate their skills. In 2009, at the ADAC Polo Cup in Germany, 25 youngsters set out to use this unrivalled opportunity of making a showing at the popular DTM weekends. Former "alumni" of the so-called touring car school have ascended to the DTM, the FIA World Touring Car Championship or sportscar series after starting their careers in the ADAC Polo Cup.
The young talents contesting the popular Volkswagen one-make cup are perfectly prepared for moving up into higher motorsport categories. The all new 2012 Polo R Cup car is a 200 hp racing version of the Volkswagen Polo. To ensure equality, the cars are centrally prepared in the Volkswagen Factory at Chakan, Pune by highly trained race mechanics. Thanks to professional data logging and analysis the talented youngsters have the chance to check their own performances, compare them with those of other driver’s and to efficiently improve.
"The system enables detailed analysis of all laps driven, using parameters like speed as well as braking, shifting and turning-in points," explains the Polo Cup's chief instructor, Benedikt gro├če Darrelmann. "This way, the drivers can systematically optimise their driving style."
In addition to technical training courses, the coaching programme also includes an introduction to data analysis, classes on tyres focused on the JK tyres used in the cup, setup work, media training, fitness camp and a pre-season basic training course where the young racers work on fine-tuning their skills for the new season.
20 talents from all parts of India
Volkswagen Motorsport India along with JK tyres racing will conduct number of driver selection camps starting from April 2012 in all parts of India. For the numerous applicants, driving camps would be organized at the Coimbatore racing track to select the best talented 20 drivers for the 2012 season. The driving camp dates would be updated on the website and informed to the applicants via email and phone.
Showing skills in a professional environment
All of them want to use this first-class stage which the Volkswagen Polo R Cup as a JK Tyres national championship partner series offers them. In addition to high spectator and media interest, the touring car "students" can be sure to attract close attention by sponsors and promoters and also have the chance to recommend themselves for an ascent to higher classes or for one of the limited slots in the "Driver exchange" programme.
The idea behind Volkswagen Polo R Cup is to assure that racing remains affordable, while offering a maximum of professionalism, equal opportunity and potential for promoting young talent. This is accomplished by nominal entry rates. In addition, the regulations accommodate the learning needs and experiences of young racers, the professional environment for training, marketing and organisation offering a unique platform. In both series talent is the only thing that counts, not technological potential or a big budget.
Safety First
Based on the high safety standard of the production version, the Racing Polo is equipped with a safety package offering maximum protection to the young drivers in case of an accident.
The HANS (head and neck support) system, which has proved its viability in Formula 1 and the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters), is prescribed. This protection is complemented by a roll cage of tubular steel in conjunction with a racing seat integrated with a head protector. An integrated fire extinguishing system which is activated in the cockpit and engine compartment in case of a fire adds up to the safety features of these Race Polos. To prepare the young drivers for higher racing categories, all cars are fitted with a professional data logging system.
Production-based technology, systematically optimized
The 200 hp Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection (TFSI) 1.4 litre four-cylinder engine largely equates to the production version and, thanks to its high torque development, easily handles the heavy touring car.
The Line up before a Car War
The engine control unit, engine mounts, flywheel, inlet and exhaust systems are modified for use in racing. The agile suspension too, is fitted with special spring-damper units. Power is transmitted by a DSG gearbox with modified final drive, gear ratios and a limited slip differential.
The braking system features particularly ample dimensions and is combined with racing ABS. The 334-millimetre discs in the front and the 232-millimetre discs at the rear, in conjunction with the 17-inch wheels, enable enormous deceleration rates. The Race Polo runs on special JK tyres for dry and wet conditions, which guarantee high levels of grip and vehicle control.

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